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With over 40 years in the radio industry, we are experts in your audio needs.  We have the tools and resources to bring your concept to reality.

Whether you are a small business, corporation or an artist, we can tailor your project for any size and budget. We strive to produce the highest quality and customer service.  From start to finish we produce eye catching promos.  Our goal is to set your brand apart from the rest. We specialize in radio advertisements for every type of business, including and not limited to; Event/Concert and Night Clubs, Retail, Professional Services, Network TV and More. 

We are a full service production company, specializing in Corporate radio/TV commercials, and business media creation.  We can shoot, edit, and produce high quality professional media for large or small companies. Our production staff as well as our cinematographers are seasoned in the needs of the modern business promotion and practices. Our long history and great reputation in the southwest region keeps us connected to the best people in the business.

Join us as we go back and listen to some of the greatest music ever recorded. Music that today still remains relevent.

Production Allstars brings over 10 years of internet broadcasting. 

 We LOVE CLASSIC ROCK music and hope you do too.  Stream POWER928 / Production Allstars in your car, any mobile device, any video game console or any device with an internet connection.  Like our facebook page for updates and new features!


At Production Allstars, our in-house  team specializes in: video production, graphic design, app development, website and audio production.  Our creative approach ensures our customers get the best value for their marketing budget. We don’t want to be another advertising firm; we want to serve as your strategic partner for creative business marketing solutions.  Production Allstars CEO, John Schofield has over 40 years of media experience and on air appearances.  John also owns and operates Schofield Family Insurance (with his wife Darla and their three sons)  John is an avid bowler and is partners with is three best friends at 4 Bolwers Pro Shop (located inside Inca Lanes in Yuma, AZ.)  Let John and his team help take your business to the next level!

Production Services

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Our production

Here is some of our production and editing work.  Our goal is to make your product look more appealing. Our team is on budget and efficient.  We provide it all from start to finish, always beginning each project with extensive market research. Our editors will put the shine on the final product to captivate your audience and turn them into buyers!   


2435 S. 8th Ave

Yuma, AZ  85364


Tel: 928-343-2146

Fax: 928-783-1131

Open 5 days a week:

Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm


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